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Maximum Physical Endurance – Kamal    

The Tavom Decontamination / Sterilization range is built for constant performance, designed to be used continually throughout the day, it required Heavy Duty characteristics for intensive industrial use.

Available in either complete Stainless Steel modules or our Galvanised Steel Electro Statically Powder Coating Paint Finished option, this range allows the creation of the Decontamination area with the maximum security of Hygiene Control and compliance.

  • Stainless or Double sided Galvanised Steel Cabinets / Work Benches, pressed or bent in process
  • Thickness of Steel 1.2mm on body of Carcase
  • Thickness of 2.5mm reinforcement on all Corners, Base and Top sections
  • Cabinets can be finished flush with floor level to operating height of 930mm including work surfaces or provided upon elevated supports
  • All Galvanised Steel components to be phosphor treated and mineral washed prior to Electro Statically Powder Coating Paint Finish
  • Final Powder Coating Paint Finish to be applied in High Pressure Furnace for minimum 20 mins
  • All Drawer sizes are European Dimensions with Rapid Blocking and Hooking
  • Drawer runners optimized smoothness with closing traction
  • Doors and Drawer fronts rounded profile
  • Handles ambidextrous, Accident Preventative, Easy to Clean
  • Door Hinges Cast with Closing Traction


Kamal defines the Perfect product of HTM 01-05 Compliance.