Increase staff productivity and satisfaction with Tavom UK


Tavom UK realises that designing a high quality dental environment, which increases staff productivity and reduces stress-levels, is of paramount importance to any practice manager or owner.

Millions of working days are lost each year in the UK, with employees taking sick days due to stress and costing employers millions of pounds.

But by working with the expert planners and engineers at Tavom UK you can create the dental practice of your dreams, ensuring it is ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing.

This will enhance staff satisfaction and productivity, which in turn will increase profits for the business.

Tavom UK specialises in supplying hygienic cabinetry for dental practices. All products are made for maximum durability and are easily cleanable for full and easy compliance with HTM 01-05 regulations.


Tavom UK cabinetry comes in a huge range of colours and styles, leaving no detail to chance. Listening to their customers ensures the team provide the right product and design for every solution.


So, whether you are looking to completely redesign your practice or give it a facelift, contact the experts at Tavom UK today.

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