dental practice design

Dental Practice Design –  Process with Tavom UK

When it comes to the actual dental practice design process, the team at Tavom UK will work with you every step of the way to make sure your new practice is as efficient, ergonomic and stylish as possible.

In the online catalogue of products, you can view all the styles of cabinetry on offer. You can then choose from the vast range of available surface materials, finishes and colours to suit your preferences. An expert from Tavom UK will then sit down with you to help design the new practice, offering advice or guidance wherever necessary. Any of the cabinetry can be altered or adjusted to meet any specific requirements you or your team have.

With year’s of experience specifically within the dental and medical industries, all the team at Tavom UK have extensive knowledge and understanding of the market. They will help you tailor your practice designs to meet your needs, fully utilising the space available, ensuring that optimum workflow can be achieved and aiding your practice compliance with CQC and HTM 01-05 regulations.

When you have decided on your new design, Tavom UK will then use the latest CAD/CAM technology to provide computer-generated images of your future practice, giving you an idea of how your practice will look and giving you the freedom to change or modify the plans.

Once the designs are finalised and you are completely happy, all your new cabinetry will be produced to exacting standards and requirements by highly qualified Tavom engineers, before being delivered to your front door ready for easy installation. Flexible working patterns ensure installation times are minimal, and Tavom will ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

All unit heights can then be easily adjusted to ensure your practice is more ergonomic and allows for maximum comfort and efficiency for all your staff and patients.

To view a selection from our range of dental cabinets and medical cabinetry, please select from the list below. If you would like to chat to one of team, please not not hesitate to contact us.


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