Contemporary dental cabinets and medical cabinetry for both the discerning dental practice and medical environments alike.


Having supplied dental cabinets and medical furniture to the medical and dental industry for over 35 years, the dental cabinetry supplied today by Tavom has evolved to meet the exacting requirements of both modern day medical and contemporary dental environments. Tavom UK are now not only the the preferred suppliers to many within the dental industry, but now supply to multiple hospitals and recently supply veterinary cabinetry to vets surgeries.

The product section of the website showcases a number of carefully selected products within the Tavom dental cabinetry established ranges, all can be altered to meet specific requirements, including amazing colours, option of flush floor or elevated position base, unlimited bench sizes and cabinet finishes.

Dental Surgery Design is one of our fastest growing services. This is not only due to the fact we supply the most up-to-date contemporary dental cabinets and medical furniture on the market, but that we have extensive experience with tonnes of satisfied customers too. Tavom UK acknowledge all medical surgeries are unique, therefore so are all our Dental Surgery Designs.


Tavom UK Featured Product Range

Safer by Design – Classic Tavom

A series built upon Reliability – Master C3700

Evolution… a permanent revolution – Skyline

Life Beyond Boundaries – Alnair Mito

The Realization of Refinement – Evo Lab

Maximum Physical Endurance - Kamal

Improving the image and work space - Quasar


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